Stop Making These Top 3 Biggest Mistakes On Your Website

Are you making these top 3 biggest mistakes on your website?

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Full stop – I was recently looking for a moisturizer to help alleviate my dry skin and came across a few well-written websites, and others not so much. Here are some of the top 3 biggest mistakes that you’re making, and what to do about them.

Features vs Benefits

While searching for moisturizer, the websites I had visited only listed features that their moisturizers had.

Including lightweight, animal cruelty-free, non-toxic chemicals, yadda, yadda, yadda…

That’s really great!

Gave me all the warm fuzzies inside as an environmentally conscientious consumer – because the planet matters-


It wasn’t completely selling me on buying from them.

I could care less about all of that, as it didn’t motivate me as a buyer to purchase from them.

I wanted to know how it was going to benefit me, and solve my dry skin.

Sell them on the experience they’re going to have when they use your service/product, and the problem you’re solving for them.

It’s not about YOU

After searching through moisturizing company websites a bit more, another mistake that stood out was that the company’s sales copy.

It was written all about THEM!

I don’t know about you, but when people yammer on and on about themselves, I tend to tune out & start wandering off into what should I make for dinner tonight or if I made sure to unplug my straightener.

You’re most likely to stay engaged

when someone is directly speaking to you,

by talking about,

well, you!

Look at your current website content

How much of it is about you vs your customers?

How much of it is written in ‘I’ or ‘we’ language?

Change it- RIGHT NOW!

Write about your customer and their needs, because, after all, that’s who your business is about…

your customer.

Short and simple

Last, but certainly not least!

The third mistake most commonly made

Instead of writing a university college paper for your peers, speak as though you’re speaking with a friend.

Your customers aren’t going to understand what you’re selling to them if they have no idea what you’re talking about.

Break it down – A LOT!

We both know you’re highly intelligent.

but now isn’t the time to throw in a lot of tech talk or jargon that only those working in your industry understand.

  • Write your sales content so that your customers understand it…meaning write your marketing copy (written message) for people that are NOT in your industry – because they’re not your customers, and shouldn’t be your target market (audience) that your writing for.
  • Explain in your product and service descriptions, how your products or services are going to benefit them. This will help them to understand better how you can solve their problems.
  • Bullet points and subheadings are a great way to break down content, its easy for those that skim read, and saves them time – which no one wants to be stuck reading a TON of information causing information overload, where only a small amount of information actually gets through to them.

If you fix these 3 mistakes, your customers will relate better to what you’re offering them because you’re explaining to them how you’re solving their problem. You’ve got their attention because you’ve now made it about them, and you’ve made it easy for your customers to understand how you’re going to help. And if you’re curious about which moisturizer I decided to go with, check out Drunk Elephant.

If you still find yourself struggling to come up with the right words to sell your products/services to your customer after using these tips, contact me, I’d be happy to look it over and help you get it just right, so you can focus on doing what you love doing most and leave this up to me!

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