Frequently Asked Questions | Weddings

How far do you travel for weddings? The sky is the limit! I’m available anywhere

Is there an additional charge if my wedding is outside your range? Travel, food, and lodging is not included with my pricing & will be considered an additional expense.

Do you offer the cd/digital files in any of your packages? Digital files are available as an option to purchase.

Does it cost extra to have the images edited? No.

Do you offer professional retouching services? Yes. Its included with my services at no additional cost.

Do you offer albums/prints in any of your packages? I do! – I know, I know, thats your line!-

What can I expect to spend on my wedding package? The average investment that couples spend is $6500

What is the first look? When you see your soul mate for the first time on your  wedding day before your wedding ceremony. It is a private, intimate moment for you to enjoy, away from the eyes of your family and friends.

Do you make all your couples have the first look or is it optional? This is completely optional, and up to you!

How much time is typically needed to shoot a wedding? Its not uncommon to be at a wedding for 10-14 hours.

Will you come for the rehearsal dinner? If that is what you would like to be included in your memories, absolutely! Please refer to my hourly rate.

How many photographers come with you on the wedding day?  A second photographer/assistant will be present to help me, by basically being in two places at once, throughout your big day!

Do you have backup equipment? Yes! I bring backup equipment such as lighting, cameras, and other important gear to make sure everything sails smoothly on my end

What do you wear for your weddings? My clothing palette typically consists of black or dark gray conservative wardrobe.

Will my images be posted on social networking sites? I value my clients privacy and refrain from sharing on social media. If that is something that they wish to do, once digital files have been purchased – they are more than welcome to do so as long as credit is given to me as the photographer on their posts & images are not to be edited in any manner. They are given a set of web files with their purchase that are set to the correct color space for web so that they are remain true to how I created them.

Is an engagement session included in any of your packages? It may be purchased in addition to the wedding. Sit back, relax and let me handle designing your engagement announcements and mail them to your friends and family for you!

If I don’t want something in a package, can you remove it from the package? This is the entire reason why I only offer al a cart style pricing. I wholeheartedly believe in only purchasing what you want.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash & cashiers check

How much is the retainer? $500 non-refundable

When is the remaining amount due for the wedding? The remainder of the amount is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. The prints/products are due upon ordering.

If we would like to have several locations for the bride/groom & bridal party photos, do you charge for each additional location on the wedding day? We can go wherever you would like! My hourly rate applies to travel time, and time spent at the session shooting. Example: 30 minutes to drive to a location + 30 minutes shooting = 1 hour @ my hourly rate

Can we meet before I book? Absolutely! I prefer to meet my clients in person prior to working with them so they can get a feel for how I do things.

How would you describe your wedding shooting style? Photojournalistic – let the moments happen (or create those moments for emotions to happen)

What happens if my wedding gets canceled, or I need to change the date after I’ve booked? You will be refunded, minus the non-refundable retainer fee.

Do you typically shoot for the whole wedding day?  Half-day, or whole – it’s completely up to you and what you would like captured to enjoy for many years to come.

Can you hold my date without a deposit? Unfortunately, I am unable to do so.

How long before I can view my finished photos after my wedding? Minimum 6-12 weeks

How long does it take to get my albums? approximately 6-8 weeks

Do you offer videography? I currently do not. 

Do you offer live photo booths? No

Do you offer save the date/thank you cards? Yes! If this is something you would be interested in having me do for you, please inquire about it!

What happens if you get sick on my wedding day? You will receive a full refund- minus the non-refundable retainer.

How many events do you typically shoot on a wedding day? I schedule 1 event per day. Your day is my number 1 priority.

Does it cost extra for black & whites photos? If you specify this prior to my final delivery of your products, I would be happy to create alternate retouching choices for you – as long as they are in line with my style of retouching, provided at no additional cost to you.

What will you do if something happens to my wedding photos in your posession? Should something horrendous such as my hard drive crash or they get deleted, or some other nightmarish thing happens – I will do everything in my best ability to have them retrieved using third party digital technology rescuers to try and save them. If this is impossible, and nothing is salvaged- then you will receive a refund – minus the non-refundable retainer fee.

Once images are delivered to you it is HIGHLY recommended that you back up your priceless moments to 3 additional places besides your computer, as they’re no longer my responsibility and are deleted immediately once they are delivered to you.

Do you shoot with film or digital? Digital

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