Discovery Brief | Branding

Contact info:
Legal First & Last name:
Business Name:
Mailing Address:

Getting to know you

Give a short summary of your business purpose:

What is the meaning or story behind your business name?

Why and how did you get into your business:

What pain points are you currently experiencing in your business?

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?

Describe your brand in 3-5 words:

Do you have a tagline?: (If so, please provide it below)

Describe what you do, & what solutions you give to your clients?

Ideal Clients

Who is your ideal client?: Age, what do they do for their career, education level, married, gender, values, beliefs, problems, etc. – Get Specific!

Give your dream client a persona. (For example, what is their name? What kind of house do they live in? How is it decorated? Where do they shop? What do they wear? What brings them joy? What kind of music do they listen to?)

What are your clients top 3 pain points?:

What is your USP -unique selling point- that you have to offer to your customers?:

Market Research

List a 3-5 of your competitor’s websites.

What do you feel are their strengths and weaknesses – take a peek at their reviews. What are their customers or past-customers saying?

What sets you apart from them?:

What keywords do you notice appearing more than once throughout their website?

Do they have a professional presence?

Aesthetics – the fun part!

Where will your logo primarily be used?:

Do you have color preferences for your new branding?

Are there any colors you despise?

Name 2 or 3 brands that you love. Describe why – drop their URLs here:

Create a Pinterest board including the inspiration for your brand- can be color palettes, logos you like, photos that show what vibe you want your brand to reflect:

Tell me why/what you like about it

Please give at least 3 URLs of logos or typography that you don’t want and describe why:

Do you have any existing elements in your brand that you want to keep? If yes – please tell me:

Please include any additional information you think I should know:

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