Discover Why You're Losing Money When Your Brand Isn't Clear

Discover why you’re losing money when your brand isn’t clear

So, you’ve created a product or service however maybe you’re struggling a little bit getting it in front of the right people. I get it. Often times when people ask me why their business isn’t succeeding, it often lies within the clarity of their brand. There is more to your brand than just the visual aspect – like whats shown above – (branding). That part, just ties it all together in a nice pretty package. Struggle a little less as I am sharing some very important points that you’ll find helpful.

Customer satisfaction

When people discuss branding, a few things that come to their mind is the logo, fonts, and colors… the aesthetic of the brand. However, it’s A LOT more than that. It’s the first point of contact they have with your business, the promise you fulfill and how satisfied they are with the results provided to them. It’s 100% about your customers. If you don’t meet their expectations on each of those points mentioned, it’ll affect your brand, and quite possibly cost you a customer completely.

Know your ‘why’

It’s important to know why you started your business to begin with, it’s quite likely you were faced with a similar problem. You created a solution to the problem you were facing. Your customers are just like you….searching for your product or service as a solution to their problems. To create valuable content that will get your customer’s attention, you have to speak to their dilemmas they are seeking answers to. Sure demographics can be handy to have for a vague snapshot of who your customers are, but to really understand them, look towards their problems.

Research your customer

A few ways to gain deeper insight into your customer’s problems:

  • Social media groups. They’re a goldmine for information. Seek out groups relevant to your industry, and do a scan through of what people post. This is great for content to blog about, adhere your marketing copy towards, and more!
  • Reviews left by previous and current customers through personal surveys/feedback forms.
  • Google search. Type in your service/product industry and google will pop up with the most popular search terms before you even hit enter. Also, use Answer the Public & ahrefs searches surrounding your industry.
  • Demographics are helpful, but they aren’t the only key indicators as to who your customers are.
  • Marketing agencies are wonderful to work with as researching your customers takes up A LOT of time and ultimately are a great deal of work! They create a marketing plan that is exclusive to your goals.

value over quantity

Next, after you’ve researched your audience’s needs, you’ll need to start implementing this information into your marketing through what is called content marketing. This will be the soul of your newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, etc. You’ll use the problems that you researched and tailor your content around those, attracting your customers. SEO tends to play a role in content marketing. You’ll need to know which keywords to use, and create valuable content based upon that – because problems + research = amazing solutions! That is ultimately what everyone is after. Using keywords does NOT mean stuff your content full of useless keywords sprinkled everywhere throughout your content. DO NOT DO THIS! I promise you, your rankings will suffer, and it’s a headache to have to go back and fix.

In the end, what it comes down to is always be about your customer. Whatever you’re offering it MUST be valuable to your customer. If you don’t have an understanding of why your branding is detrimental to your business, you will have a hard time succeeding. Your audience will always be looking for solutions to their problems, let’s make sure your business is the right fit for their needs.

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