Case Studies

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CASE STUDIES: How does this benefit me & What is the process

Give your business the ability to create a personal connection with your audience by vividly telling a story for them. Your customer will experience what it’s like to use your services/products through someone else’s, filled with both logic and emotions! If you’re looking to boost your conversions and increase your sales it’s beneficial to you to include case studies as part of your marketing plan. They offer a high return on investment, social proof, & even shorten your sales cycle!

Step One

You’ll receive a client brief to tell me more about your business

Step Two

You’ll return the brief and put me in touch with one of your happy clients that are thrilled with their results from your product/service

Step Three

I’ll interview your customer via Zoom if permissible – Not to worry if they’re camera shy, this will be audio* recorded only

Step Four

Results delivered to you within approximately 2 weeks once the interview is completed.

Once signed, sealed, and delivered, the case study is then yours to use as you wish. Websites, blog posts, email campaigns, the possibilities are endless. The difference is that you will now have complete insight into how your product/services are impacting your customer’s lives.

* audio recorded solely for transcription purposes, discarded immediately after the case study is complete.

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